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Attentive Adult Day Center, LLC was established in August of 2018.  We are fully licensed by the State of Missouri Department of Health and Human Services. We offer seniors and adult 18+ with supervised recreation and health-related services during the day.  Care in our center is often an alternative to nursing home care, thus allowing a loved one to continue to live at home, often providing respite care for a burdened adult child caring for elderly parents, spouse, or otherwise caregiver.  


We care for seniors and adults aged 18+ who live at home and may have physical, mobility, mental, or cognitive challenges that need supervised care throughout the day and/or would benefit from socialization with others. 


Our philosophy is to enable our participants to maintain their independence and dignity for as long as possible in which it is promoted through all of our services and activities.


Attentive's mission is to provide professional services that bring fulfillment & quality of life while providing a safe, secure and loving environment with goals to serve, care, & attend to the individual needs of each participant including caregiver respite and support. 


Our center is open from 7am-6pm Monday through Thursday and 7am - 5pm on Fridays. We provide round-trip transportation of selected mile radius.  Our activity programming begins around 9:30am daily.  We serve catered meals for breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.  We assist with a range of individualized needs.  We honor and respect all of our participants rights.



"A personal touch from a servant's heart"

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